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Recruitment Training

Recruitment is a Psychology business, and our masterclasses aim to make Psychologists of your Consultants…  


Recruiting is tough. Clients have high expectations and want value for money; job searches can be an emotionally challenging time for candidates and require a lot of energy to sustain, and balancing the needs of both to deliver the best outcome for both parties is a huge responsibility, and a challenge for any consultant.


 Through the masterclasses series, we  prepare recruiters with a psychological toolkit to accelerate effective shortlisting, find a great culture fit, and bring out the best in the recruiting relationship with candidate and clients. These workshops are suitable for any placement-making recruiter, at any stage of their career.

‘The Psychological Recruiter’ Masterclasses

‘Don’t Miss Out on The One!’  BiasFree Shortlisting 


Understanding the many different types of unconscious bias and the potential influence on your selection decisions and subsequent role success, understanding the impact of verbal and non-verbal language on the recruitment process, understanding how different personality profiles create unconscious bias, considering behavioural changes that you can make in interviews, and meetings.

‘The Right Candidate, The First Time’  Screening for Culture Fit  


Why start with culture fit? What are the key culture hotspots for candidates, how to look for them, uncovering the ‘real’ company values of your client, using language clues to assess culture fit potential, and how to use advanced screening techniques. 

‘Detecting the Undetectable’  Psychological Skills for Uncovering Candidate Motivation  


Learn the secrets that psychologist know about motivation. Find out how to detect genuine motivation from the clues people give us in language (neuro linguistics). Learn about personality differences in motivation, and how being high or low in need for power, achievement and affiliation may affect culture fit.

‘Staying Power’  Keeping Your Clients Loving Your Work 


Explore the areas of trust-building including: credibility, consistency, authenticity, responsibility. consider the enemies of trust, such as decision making under pressure, and how to avoid such traps. Learn advanced questioning and listening techniques, and how to be a key person of influence for your clients.

‘Resilience for Recruiters’  Maintaining Sales Focus 


Exploring ways to stay resilient under pressure, factors affecting resilience in the recruitment industry, typical human reactions to difficult and complex situations, typical negative thinking modes and strategies for changing your mindset under pressure, resilience skills when negotiating, how to use reframing/de-fusion techniques for improved sales performance.  

‘Interviewing Skills’  Getting the answers you need


Consider your role as employer brand ambassador, and learn effective interview methodologies. Learn what and how to prepare for an interview, practice writing competency-based questions, how to evidence your notes and make judgments based on them using the ORCE approach. Consider the impact of unconscious bias during interviews and how to reduce its effects. Consider the legal implications to ensure you are not breaking the law in your selection processes, and learn how to make fair and effective recruitment decisions.